Bio Gulia dairy production is  among the best  Calabrian food productions, and it’s excellent from a qualitative point of view. The whole production is purely  organic, respectful to both environment and animals. Gulia chooses only Mediterranean  unpolluted areas for its  pasturages, in the heart of Greek Sila at 1100 meters a.s.l., in which the air you breathe is really fresh and far from pollution, giving, thus,  an excellent quality to all its products. Animals grow up in a natural way, according to their circle of life, in order to produce a certain kind of milk, denominated “grass milk”, because they just eat spontaneous grass and nothing else. Furthermore, the continuous attention and care given to the whole production make sure its dairies made in Sila’s microclimate are always qualitatively excellent, tasteful and without any  comparison. Gulia’s dairy production includes: Pecorino (sheep’s milk  cheese), Caprino (goat’s milk cheese), the traditional Caciocavallo (cow’s milk cheese), Ricotta silana, cow’s milk Caciotta, Ovicaprino and Giuncata. All of them are available in different seasonings, in order to satisfy everyone’s  favorite taste, and to remind that Calabria is a   region offering a very good variety of  tasteful food made with full respect for the environment.