Gulia Food only chooses taste and quality, in order to produce its cold cuts. The whole producing process both saves   the natural balance of the territory and  the animals’ natural circle of life. An ethical production which just wants to offer and make sure that all its products are qualitatively  tasteful and made only with excellent raw materials.

In order to produce its cold cuts, Gulia Food carefully selects  the best processed meat according to the highest qualitative standards and respecting its strongest laws.

The pasturages from which the meat takes origin, and, in its turn, comes to us so healthy and tasteful, is  selected very carefully, because what Gulia Food does  is  the control of    all the producing process which is  made  step by step, having, as final result, a series of tasteful  products, excellent  from a qualitative point of view .

Gulia’s cold cuts production includes : Sopressata, Guanciale, mild and hot Fillets, its tasteful Nduja , the horse-shoe shaped Sausage, its delicious Capicollo, Ham, Caciospianata and, then, its  rolled and flat Bacons.

Gulia offers a large variety of excellent products, which have a lot of  organoleptic and tasty qualities, and makes sure that all its products are 100%  organic and, thus, healthy.