Good ideas and ideas that taste good

There are ideas that originate from some perfumes, and  from what tastes good. That’s the way Gulia Food was born,  by fusing the old good tradition with a nature full of flavors, and motivated by the passion for good food. It underlines the region it comes from, Calabria, which, thanks to its colors and unpolluted nature, has an interesting story retraceable through ancient good food traditions.

Gulia’s creators and owners  are Luca and Mariangela: he is a pragmatic and a planning person, she is passionate and visionary,  they work together in order to create a successful “recipe”, mixing their love for food, travels and  nature. Their business gives  importance to their homeland with  its peculiarities, through a story of taste.

 Gulia Food removes the limits of taste.

About us

Region of Calabria

Gulia Food promotes the products  of Calabria, of the Sila Greca, 1,100 meters above sea level, in the heart of the Mediterranean, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, which thanks to its special microclimate offers exceptionally rich and diversified vegetation.

Enterprice Network

 Gulia Food selects the producers it collects in its own business network, as well as the genuineness of the raw materials and the care in the preparation and packaging, which only bring the best products to acquire the brand.

Cookery and Fantasy

The Gulia Food products are a guarantee of an all-Italian production that covers a wide range of excellence of Calabrian agri-food production, perfect to taste in purity and excellent to combine according to your fantasy.

Quality Warranty

Gulia Food received the very important  ICEA certification, for the wide range of organic products, widely known as Organic, which starts from the Delizie line, passing  through the rich offer of Sottoli  up to the fragrant Organic Cheeses.

Discover our delights


Our products derive from pasturages of high mountains, unpolluted areas in which water springs pure at 1800 meters a.s.l.


We manufacture only very fresh raw materials grown into  Greek Sila’s special microclimate.


We only choose  products which are excellent  from an organoleptic and nutritional points of view, a source of antioxidants and unsaturated fat acids.


You just taste quality: cold cuts, veggies in oil, dairies and Bio delicacies having a unique and special aroma.