Calabria is an Italian region which has a considerable variety of Olives. Calabrian olives have important organoleptic qualities and nutritional values. They also have antioxidants and anti-inflammatory benefits , thanks to a phytonutrient which lows calcium sediments in bones and prevents osteoporosis. Some fats contained in olives help lowing blood pressure and bad cholesterol level. Tomatoes have important properties too: as a mater of fact, they’re a source of vitamin C, which is a strong help for our immune system, and they contain lycopene, a powerful antioxidant protecting against aging diseases.

Service Suggestions

Olives filled with sundried tomatoes have a particular and aromatic taste. They’re delicious as side for meat dishes, or perfect if eaten pure. They’re excellent with bread crumbles, as appetizer with cold cuts and cheeses, in order to satisfy all the ones who love unusual and “ scented” tastes. They’re suitable for mixed salads too.