Unlike the other fruits, quince is not so well-known and appreciated as it should be. Despite this “anonymity” , it brings  several benefits to our health: it helps our stomach in its functions thanks to its slightly sour taste, and has a delicate laxative effect because of the presence of pectin and fibers. Quince naturally lows bad cholesterol and sugars level into our blood, preventing cardiovascular diseases. Furthermore, it’s an antibacterial, it helps skin’s elasticity and has a low calorie intake. It has a good percentage of minerals, and some important vitamins such as A,B,C, and P.

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Gulia quince jam is very sweet and can be largely used in cookery. At breakfast, you can spread it on bread slices or toasts, or use it if you want to fill crusty pies, strudels, cookies, or as filling for other cakes. Quince jam, however, has first been used as side for chicken and game meats, but, today, it can be matched with hard cheeses, thanks to its sweetness.