Raspberries are known in the Mediterranean countries since 16th century. These fruits are globular, red/pink coloured and have a very thin hair on. Raspberries have a delicate but intense taste, and they’re a source of minerals such as magnesium, sodium, phosphorus, potassium, iron and selenium. Their content of vitamin is good, in fact they have vitamins A, B’s group, and vitamins C,E,K and J. They have anti-inflammatory properties, they’re diuretic and antioxidant, they purify our body and they strengthen our immune system.

Service suggestions

We recommend you to have this jam always at your home. It’s perfect for a tasteful breakfast, by spreading it on bread slices and toasts, baked cakes or as side with hard cheeses. Gulia raspberry jam is also suitable for crusty pies, muffins and crêpes.