The soppressata is, in conjunction with the sausage, an extremely sought-after and versatile salami, known in the tradition of Calabrian flavors. Prepared with the most noble cuts defined by the pig, it is made with a mixture of ham, fillet or shoulder, with the addition of lard that gives greater softness and flavor to a work that should not, by definition, be excessively thin. The meat is worked “in tip of knife” to maintain a coarse grain that gives the soppressata its typical aspect with a wide weave. The preparation is then inserted into the fat intestine of the pig and takes its typical irregular shape, elongated and flattened, determined by the press from which it takes its name.

Service SUggestions

The soppressata Gulìa is a versatile food that taste good with semi-seasoned or seasoned cheeses, and is well placed in an appetizer or a tasty snack. The soppressata is a good ingredient to accompany the seasoning of the first, both in the sweet and spicy variant, and to garnish pizzas with an intense Mediterranean flavor.