Ventricina is a round-shaped salami with an intense and decisive flavor, made by using the noble parts of the pig. It takes its name from what was traditionally the meat used to make salami, that is the part of the belly. The ventricina today is made with a mixture obtained from the mixture of meat such as loin, shoulder, thigh and bacon (without its soft parts). To give an even more intense color and an even spicier flavor, there is the 100% Calabrian hot pepper. The whole mixture is then stuffed into the blind casing, left to mature for about 60 days.

Service Suggestions

Ventricina is a salami with a full-bodied and intense taste, also determined by long aging. Perfect to enrich the appetizer courses, accompanying it with crispy homemade bread and some semi-dry cheese. It also marries very well the flavor of preserves in oil that provide softness and taste, creating a combination of structured and intense flavors.